After 3 years of blood, sweat and tears, we are very pleased and proud to advise we have completed our very first floating solar installation – and it couldn’t have gone any better!

The floating solar system took two days to completely install, and is currently operating at 16kW.  Day one was spent getting ready for the installation, mapping and planning out how we would complete the work and who would do it, and given we had never installed a fully operating system before, spending a lot of time working out all aspects of the installation.

Day two is where the fireworks really happened!  Arriving onsite at 7am, we got straight to work, building the FloatPac Solar platform, positioning it on the water with racking already attached, and then attaching the panels out on the water. 

By 3pm, the system was floating, wiring was being completed and pumps were being powered by our first, Victoria’s first, and Australia’s third floating solar system!

An added bonus to this system is the fact that the flotation system is also supporting pump infrastructure that is hanging from the platform, which is another added benefit of the FloatPac Solar product offering. 

We now will begin to observe how the system behaves and pay close attention to the aspects of the design which we have highlighted as potential risk areas, and work to fix these, if they prove to be an issue.

What is apparent that through extremely hard and diligent work from our engineering team, from product conception, through to tool building and mould sign off, we have been able to meet the very stringent set of requirements the FloatPac board signed off on when we decided to proceed with this project. 

Best of all, we now sit forever as Australia’s FIRST locally designed and made floating solar system, which we are extremely proud of! 

There will be plenty more coming out about FloatPac Solar and our unique Australia floating solar offering in the coming months.  In the meantime, if you would like more information, contact us to discuss FloatPac Solar floating solar solutions.

FloatPac Solar’s Australian designed floatovoltaic system focuses on decreasing the impact on the environment by containing algae bloom, enhancing water security, reducing carbon emissions, all while using 100% recyclable floating solar pods and increasing energy generation efficiency.

Gavin Hodgins, FloatPac CEO

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