Finance from FloatPac Solar with flexible terms and fixed pricing on supply contracts of up to 30 years

Let FloatPac Solar take care of your energy bills, with cheaper electricity from renewable floating solar systems

FloatPac Solar offers complete financial solutions for solar power purchase agreements to business customers

Thanks to our finance options, you will pay for the electricity delivered by your floating solar system.  This will be at a cheaper rate than you get from your energy retailer, we handle everything for the supply and installation, and there are no upfront or other on-going costs other than what you pay for your renewable energy.


How FloatPac Solar financing works

How finance from FloatPac Solar works

Australia is both one of the sunniest countries in the world, and one of the driest countries in the world.  FloatPac solar floating solar systems provide the opportunity for you to harness the power of the sun for 100% renewable energy, whilst also helping protect your valuable water assets from evaporation and harmful algae blooming.

FloatPac Solar design

System design

Firstly, we identify the best positioning for a FloatPac Solar installation at your premises, taking into consideration the size of your water storage and its orientation.  Concurrently, we review your current electricity bill and assess your energy usage and determine how we can help you save money by adding a FloatPac Solar floating solar system to your energy matrix.  Next, we use our state-of-the-art software to design the best solution for your business. Finally, we present you with a comprehensive proposal, complete with projected energy and water-saving potential, electrical cost savings, and carbon offsets.


Delivery and installation

Once we have all ‘crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s’, and the proposal is accepted with the PPA is signed, we then lodge all the necessary permits and applications to the relevant local authorities on your behalf, including the grid connection application if this is part of the offering. After the approvals have been granted, we procure the equipment, manage the installation of your new FloatPac Solar floating solar system, and ensure everything runs on time and smoothly.

Money in the bank

The minute that your FloatPac Solar floating solar system is commissioned and switched on, you will be able to harness the solar electricity generated during the day instead of grid sourced power. This will result in a substantial reduction in the bill from your energy retailer. FloatPac Solar will start to bill you for the renewable electricity generated by the installed floating solar power plant, and you can expect the overall saving on your power bill to be 10 – 50% of what you were paying, plus you will be saving precious water from evaporation and potential algae blooming.

Floating solar by FloatPac Solar with Jinko solar panels

System maintenance

FloatPac Solar is there for the life of your floating solar power plant.  As we own the floating solar system, we will remain highly motivated to ensure it is operating at its absolute peak, providing you with the highest amount of renewable energy possible.  This also means that if we identify improvements in various solar power technologies, we will offer to upgrade your system, at no cost to you.

We handle it all.

Floating solar by FloatPac Solar installed in Brimin, Victoria

Power purchasing agreement lowdown

FloatPac Solar provides a power purchase agreement (PPA), where we will install and maintain a floating solar power plant, and sell the renewable energy generated to you at a rate that is cheaper than you can purchase grid sourced power. PPA’s are for between 10-30 years, and we offer superior rates per kW hour for longer agreed PPA contract terms.

FloatPac Solar is proudly 100% Australian Made and Owned, as we take particular care to ensure we are providing the high Australian Made parts in every system we supply and install.  This is included, but not limited to, the FloatPac Solar flotation system, solar panels, inverters, panel racking, and associated electrical cabling.

If you move premises before the end of your PPA, we will be able to help you transfer the contract to the new tenants.  At the end of your PPA, you can buy the system from us, we can work with you to arrange removal, or we can enter into a PPA extension agreement, where your power will become even cheaper!

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Australian owned, designed and manufactured, FloatPac’s unique floating solar arrays are ideal for energy and water-intensive industries where land is at a premium:


Increase Power Yield

Designed to facilitate maximum surface area exposure of solar panels to water, FloatPac Solar floatovoltaics improves solar panel efficiency by 11 – 21%. The end result is floating solar panels with greater power generation for longer periods each day.


Built from recycled plastics and 100% Recyclable

Every FloatPac Solar flotation pod is composed of over 30% recycled plastics during the molding phase, and is 100% recyclable, UV stabilized, rot and mould resistant.


Support Future Proofing

With floating solar, there is no need to take large areas of land out of commission for ground-mounted panels, and hence no costly remediation required if you decide on a change of use.


Reduce Water Evaporation

By covering otherwise exposed bodies of water, FloatPac Solar significantly reduces evaporation.


Enhance Water Security

The shading created by FloatPac Solar floating solar systems significantly slows algae growth and reduces embankment erosion by reducing waves.


Reduce Carbon Emissions

The unique design of FloatPac Solar floatovoltaics means that our packing density in all forms of air, land, and sea transport is superior to other flotation offerings.  This not only reduces transportation costs, it also impacts on your carbon footprint.

Designed and engineered from the ground up, FloatPac Solar is an innovative, refined and effective solution:


Exceptional Modular design

FloatPac Solar pods are a truly flexible, modular system.  Whatever your solar array mounting requirements, or preferred panel orientation, FloatPac Solar can be installed to meet your exact specifications.


Freight friendly

FloatPac Solar’s streamlined design lends itself to increased packing density across all forms of transport.  This not only improves payloads of pod deliveries and decreases freight costs, but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint of delivery to installation sites.


Flotation Experts

FloatPac has a proud 35 year history of manufacturing flotation devices for the marine salvage, oil and gas, and defence industries.  We understand flotation – from R&D through to fabrication, we have the breadth and depth of understanding to deliver superior solutions.


Ease of Installation

FloatPac Solar’s unique pin system means constructing our floating solar systems is a quick and effective process.  Furthermore, with little to no excavation work required, FloatPac Solar farms require minimum site preparation or heavy lifting equipment.

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