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The value added benefits of FloatPac Solar’s floating solar solution significantly assist in the application of solar power as a sound, renewable alternative to fossil fuel power options.


FloatPac Solar allows solar panels to capture and absorb a larger percentage of sunlight into the PV panels during the sunrise and sunset period.

This, combined with our standard east – west floating solar configuration, enables a higher yield of power generated over a 24hr period over conventional systems. This is achieved by harnessing the waters ability to reflect and amplify sunlight from the water’s surface onto the panels.

FloatPac Solar is cost effective.

Our floating solar system return on investments are boosted from low lease prices and relatively low installation costs.

FloatPac solar requires very little to no site preparation, given there is no land used in the positioning of our PV systems.

Furthermore, higher electricity production, thanks to the cooling effect of the water housed under FloatPac Solar, means higher yields in smaller densities of solar arrays, whilst also extending the lifespan of all electrical equipment installed with every floating solar array.

Finally, our streamlined manufacturing process ensures low production costs, resulting in competitive pricing systems.  Reverse engineered with transportation in mind, FloatPac Solar offers a transportation payload per kW not previously seen in the floating solar industry, and is also able to be prefabricated into palletised modules, reducing site works costs and considerably improving transportation costs against our competitors.

FloatPac Solar saves money.

Adding to return on investments, FloatPac Solar saves water, which saves money.

Whether it be a winery who is buying in water thanks to water scarcity, a dairy farmer who has limited production thanks to a lack of water, or a hydro electric plant whose production lowers thanks to evaporation, FloatPac Solar floating solar systems help eliminate the economic and physical stress that water scarcity creates, by limiting evaporation where ever it is installed.

Add to this significant reductions in algal blooming where more that 80% of a body of water is covered by FloatPac Solar, and the economic benefits of our system become paramount and vitally important in the power mix.

FloatPac Solar floating solar systems are totally modular, allowing scalability from low to high power generation.

Designed as a floating meccano style system, FloatPac Solar is not only a plug and play system, but also truly modular.  This means that systems can be increased (and decreased) in size, as required, thanks to our innovative pin system.  Manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE), proprietary snap in pins allow pods to be connected in-situ, meaning that building additional arrays to existing ones can be attached on water, and does not require the array to be bought back to land for additional arrays to be added.

This also means that large scale arrays can be positioned in place during installation in parts, and then joined together on the water.  This helps reduce the machinery and equipment required both on land and water to completed FloatPac Solar installations.

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